Family Portraits

What  to  expect  from  a  Family  Portrait  Photography  Session.

Prior to the Family Portrait Photography session, you will have free phone and email consultations with us to discuss location choices, creative direction, style advice and preparation details.

We recommend wearing nice warm or neutral colors that coordinate.

You can bring different sets of clothes for diverse family photos. However, the most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and happy about the whole process. The creative possibilities are endless. You are more than welcomed to bring your ideas and preferences for the Family Portrait Photography session.

During our pre-session discussion, we can decide together what kind of ambiance you would like us to create: classical, dynamic, playful, vintage, black and white and so on…

All of our sussex family photography sessions take about 2 hours.

The best Family Portrait Photography is always in places with an abundance of natural light: your home, a scenic park or other chosen location.

We like to create a professional, relaxed and friendly ambiance in order to capture the precious emotions of your children that will stay forever in your family albums.